Furniture Manufacture

Project Name: Furniture Manufacture
Client Details: A leading furniture manufacturer in UAE


  • Purchase department were consistently on loss although the brand was on a leading position
  • Conflicts were indicated between Logistic and production department because of good returns
  • Customer complaint ratio has increased 23% in 2017

Solutions Provided:

  • Offered annual packaging consultation and restructured the entire packaging model for the business
  • Diagnosed the entire area of product qualities and quantities against the business objectives and goals
  • Designed cost management procedure for purchase department based on the annual strategic profitable goals for the organization
  • Offered risk, conflict management and team building programs for logistic and production team
  • Designed customer feedback procedures to contemplate the actual reasoning on service


  • High standard packaging materials has helped to lower down the ratio of good returns
  • Quantity of material availability has increased and helped reducing the expense of purchase
  • Professional standards and the hike in quantity made the department profitable
  • Team cohesiveness and dynamics has improved which helped in high operational performance
  • Consumer satisfaction has been lifted up to customer happiness and made 40% transformation on complaint feedback by 2018 first quarter.