Moving Company

Project Name: Moving Company
Client Details: Home and Corporate moving company in UAE


  • Customer satisfaction ranking was low due to poor service standards; primarily packaging materials used in moving jobs were cheaply sourced, resources were not trained properly and hence operational performance in customer service and brand reputation was on threat.
  • Business graph were consistently indicating negative trends

Solutions Provided:

  • Offered annual packaging consultation and restructured the entire packaging model for the business
  • Entire packaging materials were analyzed scientifically
  • Strong and durable cartons were launched to handle multiple jobs with high performance
  • Staffs were trained on using quality materials and monthly induction programs were implemented on customer happiness exercises
  • Supported with operations with 24 hours packaging service
  • Offered free storage and man powers which has helped the brand to save almost 6% of expense


  • Currently the brand is known as the most demanding moving brand in UAE because of customer happiness reviews both online and offline
  • Increased 7% operating profits.
  • Created a positive brand perspective for the business across the targeted market
  • Staffs motivation levels have raised to high extend as learning and development in moving industry was a new experience.
  • Productivity of packers have improved to advanced levels and thus booked 15% higher operational performance